We’ve all experienced the daunting grind of gearing your character up to speed so you can tackle relevant and challenging content. You never have to worry about that again, with our item level guarantee boosting service. Our boosters run your character via pilot play through high end content to redeem loot to an agreed minimum item level. Playing during off-peak hours suitable to you to not interfere with your own play.

Our pilot play methods have never resulted in a terms of service violation penalty through our use of virtual private networks mirroring your local location and our single customer use approach.

This boosting process may include everything from Horrific Visions and Mythic Plus to Heroic and Mythic Ny’alotha. Using simulations, we target the most optimal gear for your class and playstyle to deliver the best long term result.

Once your order is processed, your product manager will discuss your gameplay objectives with you and tailor a plan specific to your needs.