We provide smooth and reliable Mythic Plus boosts by networking some of the top performers in each region. We offer an in time guarantee on all Mythic Plus boosts. If we don’t hit the timer, we’ll go ahead and offer you a second run for free (still completing and receiving the loot from the first). Our boosting roster includes more then half of the top 100 ranked Raider IO players for each respective class.

When purchasing a Mythic Plus boost, you’ll have the option to join the boosters and participate or remain away from keyboard at the start of the dungeon. You can communicate your preferences with your assigned team.

Once the boost has been completed, our boosters will always trade all of the items dropped during the boost to you (his includes corrupted and socketed rewards). If you have chosen to go away from keyboard during the boost, you will need to return within a fifteen minute window of the boost being completed to secure your loot rewards.

Mythic Plus boosts are delivered within five to thirty minutes of your order being processed.