Horrific Visions are the core feature of the current tier, as you tackle corruption in the capital city’s of Orgrimmar and Stormwind. Our team have been exploring and practicing Horrific Visions since the initial public test realms pre-patch and use our unique strategy to offer the most consistent and smooth runs in the boost market.

Our boosters will always offer the opportunity for you to redeem all of the memento farming rewards and clear every medium and hard objective to ensure you get the full potential from your coalescing visions. Whilst we cannot guarantee your survival through all side objectives and memento collection due to the personal punishing nature (especially with fresh legendary cloaks), we do provide a guarantee on the completion of your vision and the redemption of your item level 470 corrupted item in the final loot chest.

For players looking to improve their own performance in this new style of content, we do offer optional voice coaching as you play alongside our boosters through the Horrific Vision on demand. Helping you gain the skills to complete your own Horrific Visions in the future.

Horrific Vision boosts are delivered within five to thirty minutes of your order being processed.