This previously-unavailable kodo colour is awarded from a rare NPC of the same name in the new Darkshore warfront. But this mount isn’t obtained by fighting an NPC. You have to watch out for the Frightened Kodo rampaging around Darkshore. If you can intercept the kodo and calm it down, you earn both its trust and a great new mount!

Over the years, our rare mount farmers have perfected the art of locating the Frightened Kodo and preparing him for some soothing.

We offer the Frightened Kodo as part of our mount farming collection via two options:

  • Self Play: Your product manager will notify you when Frightened Kodohas been located, you’ll be required to login on a character we’ve instructed you to pre-position and join your mount farmer to calm the kodo. Once calmed, you’ll be able to loot your mount.
  • Pilot Play: Due to the tedious nature of farming mounts and the demand of availability in small windows, many players opt for our pilot play service in which our farmers will directly log into your account and perform the service when the mount is ready to be obtained. Providing you a hands free experience.

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Get your Frightened Kodo with Alpha Boosts today and take this previously unobtainable kodo colour variant with you on your next journey.