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Alpha Boosts pride ourselves on working with the best guilds and players in the scene to deliver a high quality service with a roster of individuals bragging more then one hundred completed runs. Our boosters have flawlessly delivered the raid every week with ratio’s even exceeding the roster size.

All of our boosters have cleared the current content on Mythic difficulty and parsed respectively for their class in the top 5% of the player base. Every booster is pre-checked to ensure they qualify to trade all of the loot dropped from the raid encounters.

Our Ny’alotha Heroic boosts take anywhere from 80 to 120 minutes typically and you will need to be present and available throughout. Whilst you don’t have to participate, you will need to move between bosses and hit the boss at least once to qualify for loot. On some encounters, the raid leader may ask you to stand and die in a certain position for a tactical advantage.

As with our other services, you will receive all loot from your assigned loot traders if reserved (including socketed and corrupted items)

Our Ny’alotha Heroic raids are available everyday, running every hour from dusk until dawn.