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Alpha Boosts work with a variety of guilds in the top world ranks to provide Mythic raid clears almost instantaneously after the world first race has been completed. Our guilds have proven themselves tier after tier for providing the best boosting services on the market.

All of our boosters have cleared the current content on Mythic difficulty and play as part of a respected progression guild, often boasting access to multiple splits to bolster your ability to earn loot from the associated boost run. Every partnered guild is assessed to ensure they provide the quality Alpha Boosts pride ourselves on.

Our Ny’alotha Mythic boosts take anywhere from 120 to 240 minutes typically and you will need to be present and available throughout. Whilst you don’t have to participate, you will need to move between bosses and hit the boss at least once to qualify for loot. On some encounters, the raid leader may ask you to stand and die in a certain position for a tactical advantage.

As with our other services, you will receive all loot from your assigned loot traders if reserved (including socketed and corrupted items)

Our Ny’alotha Mythic raids are scheduled on demand with teams that fit your schedule, tailored to suit you by your assigned customer service agent.